Bukit Canberra Wellness Hub

Bukit Canberra is an integrated community and sports hub that’s expected to be opened in 2020. The 12-hectare wellness hub will be opened in phases to ensure that residents within the surrounding area can have access to various wellness facilities. There will also be green spaces which the community can use for farming. Other facilities include a polyclinic and a hawker center. Bukit Canberra

Bukit Canberra Wellness Hub

Bukit Canberra has been designed to inspire the locals to live better and healthy lives. It will be furnished with amenities which feature a naturalistic environment. According to the Minister for Education as well as the Adviser for Sembawang Grassroots Organizations, Mr. Ong Ye Kung, this is a historical treasure. Kung says that the local community came together and agreed to create a vibrant and environmentally-friendly place where they can gather. It was the residents general consensus that this place should conserve the environment. Kung further said that by the time the hub is completed, it will have a heritage park as well. Bukit Canberra is located near to Parc Canberra EC by Hoi Hup Realty.

Town Sports Center at Bukit Canberra

The Sembawang community will be able to utilize a 6-lane swimming pool that’s sheltered. There will also be an 8-lane lane pool, wading and fun pool for kids. Apart from that, there will be fitness studios including inclusive and outdoor-forest gyms. The hub’s landscape will be based on the existing terrain. So, it will have hilly areas as well as lush vegetation. To enhance the greenery, the community will add more shrubs and trees which will be integrated with other facilities.

To ensure that locals and visitors understand the history of this area, there will be several heritage storyboards. Note that Bukit Canberra was previously a naval base and it was also home for the Admiralty House which housed key commanders. Bukit Canberra is located near to Parc Canberra EC and therefore Parc Canberra will be able to take advantage of the facilities over at Bukit Canberra.

Health Lab and Healthcare Facilities at Bukit Canberra

Healthcare is a basic human need. Bukit Canberra will have an active health nutrition studio, a proactive space where the locals can learn about physical nutrition, sports science, medicine, and preventive healthcare among others. The senior care center and polyclinic will feature several agencies to ensure that residents get the best healthcare services.

This place will host 40 stalls and consist of over 700 seats. It will feature various eating spaces coupled with an attractive lush surrounding. Note that the hawker center is a space where locals can socially bond and interact. Overall, Bukit Canberra’s design is aimed at enhancing communal sense and preserving the environment. There are still many things that need to be implemented. But by the end of September 2021, this hub will be fully operational.

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