Canberra Plaza Sembawang

Located in the magnificent Sembawang Neighborhood 1, Canberra Plaza is a significant landmark which immediately catches your attention. The distinct bands which resemble a flowing river are some of the features that make it to stand out. This plaza forms part of new HDB developments, landed properties, and private condos which are found within the surroundings. Besides those, there is also an industrial park which is found nearby that consists of automobile repair outlets and manufacturing businesses.

Canberra Plaza Located at Sembawang

Developed by the Housing and Development Board i.e. HDB, Canberra Plaza is one of the latest Neighbourhood Centers constructed by the HDB after the completion of Punggol Plaza and Pioneer Mall. This plaza is expected to provide residents with diverse amenities. It includes a living environment that’s fit for learning, working, playing, and other activities. Young professionals who are just starting out their careers, businessmen looking for a place where they can thrive, and families that need a conducive environment for their children will certainly find this place fitting. Canberra Plaza is located near to Parc Canberra EC which is a new development that is located in the North of Singapore.

Canberra Plaza Facilities for Kids

This is an interesting development that’s is meant to host a new generation of people. The multiple and refreshing gardens, water play park as well as the trails are some of the things that residents will enjoy. Overall, the development has several intimate spaces suitable for communal use.

Canberra Plaza is considered as the future of the New Generation Neighbourhood Centre i.e. NGNC. Its layout consists of 3 different commercial stories. They have a total gross floor area of around 11,000 square-meters. This space can perfectly accommodate a wide range of tenants. Some of the anchor tenants expected here include food courts and a supermarket. Additionally, there are spaces which can host clinics and restaurants.

Construction of Canberra Plaza

Note that the construction of Canberra Plaza began in 2015 and its completion is scheduled for in 2019. The construction team is led by the renowned SAA Architects. Once it’s completed, Canberra Plaza will be like a sheltered community plaza. The wide range of unique amenities will provide residents with communal points where they can relax and enjoy the outdoors.

For faster and better connectivity, a section of ground level will always be open 24/7. There will also be an elevated footbridge that’s sheltered. This will ensure that pedestrians are always protected from the sun and rain. This footbridge will link to other housing precincts like Eastlink II found across Canberra Way. In addition to that, there will also be a footbridge that links to Canberra MRT station that’s expected to be built across Canberra Link.

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