Parc Canberra is a freehold development located at Amber Road at Marine Parade. It is land from the former nursery Ban Nee Chen and sits in between two iconic developments which are The Shore Residences and The Sea View. Please see the below for amenities near to Parc Canberra Condo

Bus Interchange & MRT Near Parc Canberra

  • Canberra MRT Station
  • Sembawang MRT Station
  • Sembawang Bus Interchange

Shopping Mall Nearby Parc Canberra Condo

  • Canberra Plaza
  • Sembawang Shopping Centre
  • Sun Plaza

Schools Nearby Parc Canberra

  • Sembawang Primary School
  • Chong Fu School
  • Furen International School

Parc Canberra Near to Sembawang Neighbourhood

It’s worth noting that Parc Canberra EC location is also near to Sembawang neighborhood which is one of the best in Singapore. This is one of the most diverse regions where different cultures and people of all age groups comfortably integrate. The location of Canberra and Sembawang is near the Sembawang beach. As a resident, you are guaranteed stunning views. Once the Canberra MRT Station is inaugurated, the Canberra Link region will definitely open up. In addition to that, other nearby estates which have been dormant will also open up e.g. the North Park. This is a landmark station which will quickly attract serious investors.

Families with school-going children can also take their children to nearby schools. Parc Canberra is found near many educational institutions such as Chongfu School, Sembawang Primary, Canberra Primary, and Wellington Primary Schools. There are also numerous international schools which add the convenience of finding elite institutions.

Many other places of interest including Sembawang Park and Sembawang Beach where plenty of F&Bs and retail shops are available are located in the vicinity of Parc Canberra. Please see Parc Canberra site plan and floor plans for more information.