Parc Canberra EC Showflat is not located on its actual site. The showflat will be available for viewing soon. Parc Canberra is perfectly designed with layouts that are not just luxurious but boast of tasteful architecture. Here, your family will not only be able to use a maximized space but also get access to great facilities.

Location of Parc Canberra EC Showflat

The show flat is located at Canberra Link. If you need any information or would like to access the showflat, be free to contact our sales team. We offer direct developer discount and a non-obligation free financial consultation.

Parc Canberra EC showflat boasts of a wide range of unique facilities. Also, it is strategically located next to well-known schools, good restaurants, and shopping malls. You do not want to miss on this opportunity as this could be your dream home. Everyone deserves a quality lifestyle, so do you!

VVIP Viewing for Parc Canberra EC Showflat by Hoi Hup Realty

For early booking, register with us to get an exclusive VVIP viewing. You will also get a feel of luxury and enjoy the fine finishing done by the developer. So long as you get registered with us, you will enjoy the benefit of our direct developer sales pricing. You will also be
able to get updates on how the development is going on. All you need to do is declare your interest by submitting a form online and start the journey to owning your condo!

At Parc Canberra EC Showflat Gallery


It is important that you know your CPF capacity for purchasing Parc Canberra and to save a little for any future investments. You may not be sure about your CPF and that is why we are here. We will help guide you all the way. If you need a housing loan, we have a team that is always on standby ready to to help you acquire your loan. Whether you fall in the bracket ABSD or TDSR, you can trust us to help you own a condo.

Balloting System

This will be shown to you on the actual launching date. To keep yourself up to date, register with us to get the latest information on the project. You can meet up our developer sales staff or just call them for a non-obligation discussion.

Another alternative would be; you simply fill up a contact form and we will be delighted to direct you to our professional team. They will, in turn, help you without any obligations.