Canberra Link MRT Station

Canberra Link MRT Station is an upcoming above-ground station located next to Canberra Link on the North-South Line in Sembawang. It’s construction started in mid-2015 and will open on November 2, 2019. The station is named after Canberra, Australia capital city. This is the second MRT station to built on an existing train line with the first being Dover MRT Station after several feasibility studies by Land Transport Authority. It will serve the upcoming residential developments and Sembawang Springs.

Canberra Link MRT Station Located at North South Line

Project details:
Location: 11 Canberra Link
Structure: Elevated
Lines Served: North-South Line
Operator: SMRT Trains
Owner: Land Transport Authority
Tracks: 2
Platform: side
Station Code: NS12
Disabled access: Yes
Bicycle facilities: 500 lots

KTP Consultants and DP Architects designed this station with a nautical theme. It was inspired by the naval base from Sembawang. Instead of concrete, glasses are used to construct the sides of the station. Both the glasses and louvers will provide better ventilation. The station will have five entrances, one on the opposite side of Canberra Link and four at the ground level. A sheltered footbridge will allow the passengers to connect directly to the city-bound train platform. To connect to the two tracks, a 256 feet track was constructed at the north side of Canberra station. A crossover track is built to avoid any disruption in case of a power outage. This will allow the trains to switch to unaffected track.

Canberra Link MRT Station by China State Construction

The project is expected to cost $274 million which includes train procurement. China State Construction Engineering Corporation was awarded $90 million on April 27, 2015 to build the station. The construction experienced some challenges such as a fatal accident where two workers were killed by an oncoming train. Several measures like sheltering the tracks with temporary enclosure and limiting major work to non-service hours were implemented. Train services between Yishun and Woodlands were suspended on 18 to 20 May 2019 during the removal of existing tracks. In May 2018, the station was 55% complete. The roof structure and deep foundation works had been completed. Private condominiums and public housing developments have been brought up. Around 17,000 households are expected to benefit from this station. Three bus services namely 117, 169, and 883 will serve the station.

Safety Features at Canberra MRT Station

Safety features along the station include:
– Fire extinguishers along various locations.
– Emergency Train Stop Buttons. When activated, they will stop any upcoming train from entering the station.
– Emergency telephones which will allow the passengers to communicate to the Passenger Service Center.
– Escalators which are equipped with emergency stop buttons.
– Emergency door handles. In an event of failure, the doors can be opened manually.
– Free MRT bridging buses can be used when MRT station is disrupted.

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