Living in Sembawang

Sembawang construction began in1928. It was home for British naval base during the colonial times. The British named it after a local tree known as Mesua ferruginea. Extensive land reclamation in Singapore has left Sembawang as one of the last natural beaches. The planning of Sembawang officially started in 1996 where MRT extension and station were opened. Sembawang handles bulk commodities cargo such as rubber and timber. Most Singaporeans have little information about this city. Unlike other areas on the island, Sembawang is the least developed. There are different reasons why you should start living in Sembawang. Parc Canberra is located near to Sembawang and therefore offers residents many amenities and these are included below.

The only natural sandy beach is located in Sembawang

Coastal resorts pay a lot to build a sandy beach. Geographical conditions are not common for the formation of such beaches. This is why many people pay much to spend time on popular sandy beaches. Mother nature has blessed this area with a natural sandy beach. This has made it a popular spot for campers who want to enjoy an idyllic day by the beach.

Sembawang has the tastiest seafood

Various outlets such as You Huak has been ranked for its smooth seafood. Many restaurants have extended their reach throughout the island. You will approximately queue for 45 minutes if you want to enjoy seafood.

3. The only God of Wealth temple can be found here
The 8 tonne and 31-feet high God of Wealth statue draw many Singaporeans and businessmen to seek blessing. It’s located in the far north of the island. You can hardly find such a temple dedicated only for wealth reasons.

4. It’s the northernmost point of Singapore
By just swimming one kilometer away from Johor Bahru, you will find various activities such as sea-port activities and SAF Yacht club. The Senoko Industrial Estate, Yakult Factory, and Sunshine Bakeries are some of the familiar names you can find around.

Sembawang is the only one with hot spring

The hot spring was discovered in the early 1900 and converted into a recreational thermal bath. The SAF has taken over the area although it can be accessed from 7 am to 7 pm. Improvement works were carried out around the spring and was re-opened on May 1st, 2002 to the public. Visitors who would like to view the hot spring can find it between Sembawang Road and Gambas Avenue.

Other common communal facilities found in Sembawang include:
– Five primary schools and two secondary schools.
– Sembawang public library.
– Sembawang MRT station and a bus interchange which is located next to Sun Plaza

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